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Discover unique children’s wooden toys in Australia

Spoil your kids by discovering our selection of beautifully crafted wooden toys for babies, toddlers and primary school children. At Kidd & Co, we have curated a wide range of wooden toys suitable for outdoor and indoor play, including small wooden blocks, wooden learning toys, puzzles, stacking blocks, scooters and more, all designed to keep your children entertained for hours. From newborns to primary school children, all kids will love these new additions to their toy collection. Find quality wooden toys online at Kidd & Co and browse a wide range of eco-friendly products today.

What you should know about wooden toys for kids

These days, many parents choose to purchase classic wooden toys rather than opt for plastic or digital products to keep their children entertained. Many benefits come with deciding to fill the toy box with wooden blocks, puzzles and stackers — let’s take a look at the many advantages you should consider:

  • Our wooden toys for toddlers, babies and school-age kids require children to utilise their imagination, in contrast to many other plastic or digital toys that come with sound devices, screens, or other interactive features. If a sound prompt from a plastic toy provides your child with instructions, they’ll be less inclined to use their imagination during playtime. Wooden options encourage children to explore their cognitive abilities during playtime by experimenting with different combinations through trial and error.

  • At Kidd & Co we are passionate about leaving the world in a better place. That’s why we only stock products that have been sustainably sourced. Our products have been ethically sourced and are made using sustainable processes. Not only are our toys organic and completely renewable, but they will also last for years to come. Unlike some mass-produced plastic toys, wooden toys are durable and less susceptible to breaking. Once your child has outgrown their wooden toy, you’ll be able to give it a second life by donating or passing it on to friends and family with little ones of their own.

  • As we all know, children love to stick things in their mouths. That’s why it’s imperative they only have access to safe and non-toxic toys. Unfortunately, some plastic toys can easily break or have been made with chemicals like phthalates. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that our organic products have been made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials that won’t break or emit harmful toxins to your child.

  • Wooden toys offer a versatile aesthetic and can be easily incorporated into your home or children’s room to suit your tastes. Some plastic and digital toys can become a bit of an eyesore within your home and will often date quickly as trends change. When purchasing wooden toys, they offer a classic and timeless look that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

At Kidd & Co, our primary goal is to help your children play safely, develop their imagination and learn more — so browse our collection of eco-friendly wooden toys for kids online today.


Are wooden toys safe for babies?

At Kidd & Co, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, eco-friendly and safe products. As such, wooden toys are an incredibly safe option for babies as they do not have harmful toxins and chemicals like some plastic and digital products. Our durable wooden baby toys have been designed to withstand even the strongest of tiny grips and avoid any breakages. When browsing our selection of wooden toys online, you can feel confident knowing your baby will be able to interact with our products safely.

Why should I purchase wooden toys for babies & toddlers?

We are seeing a real shift away from modern plastic and digital toys, with plenty of parents realising the many benefits of choosing wooden toys for toddlers and babies. During the very crucial baby and toddler developmental phases, wooden toys will encourage creativity, imagination and help encourage cognitive skills. Not only are wooden toys a great option to help your baby flourish, but they are also a much more organic and sustainable option for those wanting to ensure a safe and eco-friendly play environment.

What type of wooden toys does Kidd & Co offer?

At Kidd & Co we stock a wide variety of wooden toys to suit your child’s age and interests. Discover high-quality products, including wooden toy blocks, puzzles, stackers, scooters, educational sets, musical instruments, bead kits, outdoor games, carts, animals, trucks and more. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect wooden toy for your enquiring little mind from our online store.

What are the best wooden learning toys for babies?

Encourage your child to bloom by providing them with wooden toys to develop their learning skills. Help kids understand categorisation by letting them navigate a wooden stacker or develop fine motor skills and shape recognition with a shape sorter. Create an imaginative space by giving your baby wooden building blocks and nest rings so they can start to explore patterns.

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